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Right now, the sync licensing process in India is exhausting. Identifying a particular piece of music that fits perfectly with the mood of a given piece of content in one part of the puzzle. The more challenging, complex and often frustrating part of that process is to track down the owner of that music, explain your desired use of their music, extensively negotiate a licence, make corresponding payments, obtain the desired files and the act of actually being able to synchronise that particular piece of music to your content. Every single time music is synchronised/used along with a visual piece of content (yes, including web-series that incorporate music in various scenes, youtube videos, fitness apps with instructional videos, cooking channels with music in the background, the list goes on), it needs to be “cleared” - in other words, it needs a synchronisation licence.

This entire process takes place offline, involves hundreds of emails and often takes weeks, even months before a licence is arrived at. On the other hand, artists are not well-versed with licensing as a revenue stream and those who are, do not know where to begin.

It is this gap in the industry that we’re hoping to plug with Fairplay - making it a fair playing field for all licensors and licensees of music. We’re a first of its kind, music marketplace platform for hassle-free sync music licensing in India.

Through the platform, music can be readily classified into genres, moods, themes to match with a piece of content and once a user identifies what artist or piece of music fits their content best, they can use our simple licensing flow to proceed with obtaining a sync licence. It’s that simple!

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the next generation of music licensing


the next generation of music licensing